5.9.1 (2017/10/29)

- Button [Start Garena] came back.

- Fix error that auto-join doesn't work in new Garena LAN.
From now on, it is required to start Garena LAN from Garena Total.
5.9 (2017/10/13)

- Support new Garena LAN client
Download the new Garena LAN at here

- Button [Start Garena] was removed
The removal of [Start Garena] button does not affect other functions of Garena Total
If you want Garena to automatically start with Garena Total, you can configure in [Auto Open] section
5.8.6 (2015/07/28)

- Fixed several bugs (Now you can set F1 in warcraft hotkey)
5.8.5 (2014/12/29)

- Fixed bugs
- Updated languages: en, vi
5.8.4 (2014/11/21)

- Fixed bug: When users click on 'Leave room' or 'Add to ban list', it shows 'Joined room successful' again and again.
- Tunnel no longer shows notification.
- Now Auto Tunnel only works when you are in Garena or Warcraft.
- Minor UI tweaks.
5.8.3 (2014/10/19)

Warcraft Hotkeys & Quick Chat
- Fixed error: Cannot use Ctrl, Alt and Shift as hotkey.

Main App
- Bug fixes and minor improvements
- Updated languages: mn
5.8.2 (2014/09/02)

Main App
- Bug fixes
- Small UI adjustments
- Updated languages: en, vi
5.8.1 (2014/05/21)

Main App
- Bug fixes
- Add large icon (256x256) for Windows Vista or later.
- Updated languages: es, sv
5.8 (2014/04/18)

Auto Join
You can double-click on a room to auto-join (don't need using F8)
To stop, press Esc (or close joinning panel)

Main App
- Updated languages: en, vi, ph, ge, fa
5.7.2 (2014/03/13)

Quick Chat
- You can use mouse buttons to set quick chat hotkeys

Main App
- Fixed error: 'Could not connect to server'
- Updated languages: en, vi, sr
5.7.1 (2013/12/02)

Warcraft Hotkeys
- You can use Space, Esc, Tab keys or Mouse buttons to set Advanced Hotkeys
- You can use Shift, Ctrl, Alt along with mouse wheel to set hotkeys.
5.7 (2013/11/27)

Warcraft Hotkeys
- Now you can set hotkey by extra mouse buttons (side buttons)
- Fixed 'Lock mouse in -window mode' feature doesn't work in lobby.

Auto Tunnel
- Fix error 2 'Could not start tunneling'

Main App
- Updated languages: en, vi, fa, mk
5.6 (2013/07/25)

Warcraft Hotkeys
- Added hotkey to Auto-Cast skill: Alt + skill key
- Added hotkey to Learn a skill: Ctrl + skill key
(Example: If you set hotkey for skill 1 is Q,
to auto-cast skill 1, you press Alt + Q,
to learn skill 1, you press Ctrl + Q)
- Added 'Pause Game' hotkey (in Advanced Hotkeys)
- Added hotkey to enable/disable Invoker hotkeys (Shift + F5)
- Added option 'Disable Alt+Q' (in Advanced Hotkeys)
- Moved option 'Disable left Windows key' from main Options to Advanced Hotkeys

Quick Message
- Added an option to send quick message in lobby of War3.

Auto Join
- Remove option: 'Play sound after joining sucessfully' (Enable by default)

Main App
- Updated languages: en, vi
5.5.3 (2013/07/12)

Auto Join
- Fixed Error: Loading window still shows after joining a room.

Main App
- Updated languages: en, vi
5.5.2 (2013/07/04)

Warcraft Hotkey
- Fixed Error #10 on some computer with DeepFreeze installed

Main App
- Fixed error could not launch Garena Total on Windows start-up
- No longer ask for Garena Plus path on start
- Updated languages: en, vi, mz
- Supported Windows 8.1 Preview
(To run Garena Plus on Windows 8.1, you have to install this patch from Garena: http://cdn.garenanow.com/im/PublicVersion/GarenaPlus_Install_12241.exe)
5.5.1 (2013/04/27)

Warcraft Hotkey
- Fixed error could not use some hotkeys of Warcraft (Alt+C, Alt+G,...)
- Improved lock mouse in -window mode.
5.5 (2013/04/24)

Main App
- Fixed error of displaying ads on Windows Xp
- Fixed 'Launch Garena Total on start-up' error on Windows Vista or later.

Warcraft Hotkey
- Added customkeys for Invoker.
- Fixed error mouse is locked in top-left corner of screen.
- Added Advanced Hotkeys section that has these hotkeys:
+ Get Hero (F1)
+ Attack (A)
+ Stop (S)
+ Up/Down/Left/Right (you can change to W/S/A/D)
+ Show/Hide score board
+ Quit Game
+ On/Off lock mouse in -window mode

- Modified: lang_en, lang_vi
5.4 (2013/04/18)

Main App
- Fixed error 'Could not connect to server' on some computers.
- Fixed other minor errors.

Warcraft Hotkey
- Added Option: Confine the mouse in -window mode.
- Added Option: Disable left Windows key.

Quick Message
- Now you can use 1 hotkey for multiple messages.
- Now you can choose target (Garena or Warcraft) for each of quick message.

- Now you can open Garena Master by Auto-Open.

- Modified: lang_en, lang_vi, lang_fa, lang_th (+diswinkey; +winmode)
5.3.3 (2013/03/10)

Main App
- Fixed problem of showing pop-up ads.
- Added/Updated languages: lang_uk.

Quick Message
- Improved: QuickMsg will be disabled when you chat on Warcraft (or on game lobby).
- Fixed: QuickMsg could not work on Garena chat box.
5.3.2 (2013/03/06)

- Fixed server problem.
- Fixed error 36 in some computer.
5.3.1 (2013/03/05)

- Improved skill hotkeys speed (no longer lag your mouse)
- Fixed hotkey error 20, error 36 and other hotkey errors.
- Don't use mouse-move method for skill hotkeys any more.
- Fixed: Quick Message didn't work in game lobby.
- Supported left and right Ctrl, Shift, Alt.
- Fixed error 50 when open Garena Total.
- Open all links in default browser.
- Added/Updated languages: lang_kz, lang_tr, lang_ro, lang_hr.
- And fixed other minor errors.
5.3 (2013/02/13)

- Added new feature: Quick Message.
- Change app name from Auto-Joiner to Garena Total.
- New updater, you can ignore an unimportant update.
- Fixed hotkey errors in some computer (crash or doesn't work).
- Compatible with Garena Master.
- Improved hotkey speed.
- Improve performance.
- Added/Updated languages: lang_en, lang_vi, lang_fa, lang_ru, lang_tr, lang_sr (quickmsg; autohotkey->skillerror; updater>).
- And fixed other minor errors.
5.2.1 (2013/01/05)

- Fixed: Ctrl + F5 (to enable/disable warcraft hotkeys)doesn't work.
- Move Wacraft Hotkeys to above Auto Open.
- Added/Updated languages: lang_en, lang_vi, lang_ru, lang_ph: *cantconnect.
- And fixed other minor errors.
5.2 (2012/12/27)

- Added options: change shortcut key for Auto Join and Auto Tunnel
- Fixed 'Show all regions in Garena' problem.
- Fixed problem when use hotkey with Shift.
- Fixed 'Launch Auto-Joiner on startup' problem on Windows Xp.
- Changed: When you click on ads, it will open in a new window.
- Fixed Auto-Tunnel (F6) doesn't work in some computers.
- Fixed some minor hotkey problems.
- Added/Updated languages: lang_en, lang_vi, lang_ru: +ajhotkey, +athotkey.
- And fixed other minor errors.
5.1.1 (2012/11/25)

- Fixed 'Could not patch Garena' error.
- Changed hotkey to enable/disable custom keys to Ctrl + F5
- Added/Updated languages: lang_en, lang_vi, lang_ru.
- And fixed other minor errors.
5.1 (2012/11/24)

- Fixed skill hotkeys problem.
- Supported mouse wheel and midle mouse click for hotkey.
- Now you can enable/disable War3 custom hotkeys by pressing F5
- Fixed chatting problem when you set Shift as a hotkey.
- Fixed Alt+Tab problem when you set Alt or Tab as a hotkey.
- Fixed problem with 'Launch Auto-Joiner on start-up' on Windows Vista or later.
- Now you can choose 'Garena.exe' in Garena path.
- Added/Updated languages: lang_en, lang_vi, lang_zh, lang_tw, lang_pt, lang_my, lang_ru.
- lang_en: plzchoose2; autohotkey: +presskey, +toenable, +todisable, +enabled, +disabled, -guide.
- And fixed other minor errors.
5.0.1 (2012/10/20)

- Ads will show on a large window if you click on.
- Fixed skill hotkey error.
- Added how-to-use links.
- Fixed problem: could not start Auto-Joiner.
- Added/Updated languages: lang_en, lang_vi, lang_ru, lang_mn, lang_es, lang_kh, lang_fr.
- lang_en: +backgg, +youtube
- And fixed other minor errors.