Other Features
Garena Total has many other useful features beside the main features such as:

Auto Open

If you feel bored with having to run lots of application like maphack, manabar,... before you start playing your games, Auto-Open will help you. Auto-Open will auto run all your assigned application, thus saving your time.

How to use:
- Check the check box to activate the slot, then click on [...] to choose the application you want to run.
- Same as above, you can do it with many other applications.
- From now on, each time you run Garena Total, those applications will be auto opened.

Choose a application to run with Garena Total

Anti hack-warning from Garena

Garena Total can stop Garena from checking for map hack. So you can use map hack safely.

Auto self-update

Garena Total can auto update itself. So you will alway be using lastest version without having to re-download it from the website.


Garena Total supports more than 20 languages.
And you can help us add or update translations for Garena Total by contacting e-mail: hieubm2601@gmail.com

All features above is one feature of Garena Total.
You can download Garena Total here:

Garena Total's Features