Auto Tunnel

What is Tunneling?

Tunneling is a process that makes a direct connection between you and another players. Benefits of tunneling are:
  - Anti-lag, anti-disconnect and improve the connection speed.
  - Help you see created hosts OR help other players to see your host.
  - Show exact ping.

Pings are reduced after tunneling

What is Auto-Tunnel?

Auto-Tunnel is a feature of Garena Total helps you tunnel all of players in your room automatically. It can tunnel 225 players in less than 5 seconds. And you can also run auto-tunneling while playing game.

How to use?

• To tunnel all players in room: Press F6.
• To tunnel all players in your host: Press Shift + F6.

Auto Tunnel is one feature of Garena Total.
You can download Garena Total here:

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